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Dear Member,

This is just a polite reminder that your Membership subscription for The Windermere Club is due for renewal. Your current Membership will cease on 31st January this month. (12.DAYS TIME)

Please Note the following changes:-

  • Full Membership £20
  • Senior Membership £12 (over 65)
  • Joint Membership £30 (Husband/Wife/Partner)

Country Membership and Lunchtime Membership is no longer available.


  1. Failure to renew before the 31st of January will incur an additional fee of £5 for administration purposes, on top of your renewal subscription*.
  2. If you do not renew your subscription, Your card will automatically be disabled, and you will not be permitted within the club, (subject to clause 1 above) (Lapsed Members are also unable to be signed in) You will also lose your seniority date of entry, and will not be able to rejoin as a full Member until after 31st January 2023

* It is very important that Team Captains (Snooker / Pool / Darts) submit their renewals of all participating players before the deadline date.

If you have already renewed, thank you very much for your subscription, and please disregard this thread, if you have not renewed please check your email inbox, (providing you submitted an email address)

Kind Regards,

The Windermere Club